Legal Guardianships in Napa, CA

We are here to help with legal matters involving the death, incapacity, or future of a loved one. This can be an uncertain time with so many unanswered questions. Ask James V. Jones Law Offices for wise counsel and sound guidance during this troubled time. With more than 48 years of experience, the founder of our law firm knows exactly how to achieve the best outcome for you and yours.

The best time to plan for probate is well in advance of the need. Let us help you set up guardianships for children, a conservatorship for a senior citizen, or powers of attorney for yourself or a loved one. Whether you require protection and financial management for an individual or an estate, our capable attorneys have the skill and experience to serve you well.

Guardianships for the Care of Children

Probate is the court that holds power over guardianships for a child’s person or property. The parents may have passed away, or may be physically or mentally unable to care for a child. In such situations, probate court appoints a guardian to care for the child or to manage the child’s estate.

When a guardian is appointed to care for a child, he or she has the same responsibilities as a parent to see to the well-being of the youngster. Whether the guardian is a relative or friend of the parents, this individual makes sure the child has a safe place to live, proper food and clothing, health care, and education.

When a guardian oversees a child’s estate, he or she manages a child’s income and estate until the youngster is 18. The estate usually involves money or property the child has received from parents or another relative. The guardian’s job is to oversee the estate with sound management on behalf of the child.

Conservatorship for the Protection of the Elderly

An adult who needs someone to oversee his or her care receives help through a probate-court-appointed conservator. This person has the legal obligation to see that an elderly, mentally ill, or disabled individual receives the necessary assistance for daily living, financial management, or both.

When a conservator is appointed for a person, he or she sees to the well-being of the charge. The conservator makes sure the charge has a safe place to live, meals to eat, necessary transportation, and medical care.

When a conservator is appointed for an estate, he or she is responsible for the charge’s assets. The conservator manages the finances, pays all bills, and invests the charge’s money responsibly.

Taking Action with Powers of Attorney

A power of attorney enables one person to take action legally on behalf of another. One of the most common uses is for medical care, when the individual is in a coma or state where he or she cannot make serious medical decisions for his or herself. However, powers of attorney are granted for financial reasons, too. Come to us with your questions and concerns and our attorneys ensure you receive the caring and capable legal help you require.

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