Will Trust in Napa, CA

See that your wishes are carried out after your death with a will trust. Turn to the well-established and reputable firm of James V. Jones Law Offices for wills and trusts that clearly delineate your specific instructions regarding your estate. Feel confident that living trusts accomplish your goals with the skill and expertise of our capable attorneys.

The founder of our law firm has been practicing law for more than 48 years. He can answer your questions about wills and trusts, including, “Who needs a living trust?” Count on our attorneys to help you decide which option is best for you and your loved ones.

What Is A Will Trust?

Often, a will trust or testamentary trust is used when matters of probate involve children. In many cases, a person using such a trust wants to leave money to children in his or her will. The law does not allow minors to receive substantial sums of money or property directly, so this trust is used to name a guardian for the money. The trustee manages the money for the child until he or she comes of age.

A disadvantage is that these trusts require considerable management as the trustee must report to the probate court annually. This legally required protection ensures the child’s money is being managed properly.

Differences between Wills & Trusts

Our estate-planning lawyer can assist you in creating wills and trusts that fulfill your wishes for division of your property after your death. A will is the legal document that names the beneficiaries and executor of your estate, as well as the guardian of your children. Like a will, a living trust specifies the division of assets, but cannot be used to specify an executor or beneficiaries. Turn to our attorneys for our expertise in deciding whether you require a will, a living trust, or both.

The Purpose of a Living Trust

Who needs a living trust? You may if you are trying to avoid the expense, complications, and delays of the California probate court system. A trust designates an individual who has legal title to your property and you can specify that person to be yourself during your lifetime, thus the name “living” trust. Request a consultation with our attorneys about establishing a living trust for you.

Estate-Planning Lawyer Draws Up Wills

Our estate-planning lawyer advises all of our clients to make a will, even a simple one and even if you do not have significant assets. If you do not leave a will, upon your death the probate court decides how to divide up your estate. It is our belief that most people have specific preferences and that these are honored after a person’s death. Leaving a will avoids confusion among the relatives and entanglements in probate court. Ask our skilled attorneys to write a will for you that settles your estate as you desire.

Contact us today to draft the appropriate legal documents that clearly specify the division of your estate upon your death. Our law offices serve clients in Napa, California, and the surrounding areas.